A  Message From Your President

Long ago, we returned home from “Our War.”  We didn’t have the luxury of reflecting on our past too long, since we had to reinvent ourselves and become productive members of our society. We needed to blend back into the fabric of life here at home. We had changed and so had our country. We began to march to a different drummer. Its slow beat was in the background, and the cadence of home life returned as our priorities shifted. We were still in survival mode but focused on different objectives. We pressed on. Fast forward.

I became a Life Member of VVA National many years before I joined VVA Chapter 415, Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania.  At the very first meeting I attended 4½ years ago I had the feeling that I was back with my “Brothers” again. Their branch of service, rank or M.O.S. didn’t matter. We spoke the same language - military. All had shared common experiences. The “Bond” was still there. Monthly Chapter meetings gave me a chance to more fully appreciate and understand how the other units and services were involved in “My War”, and my heart swells with pride when I am working with them as we reach out to help other veterans in bringing our story and experiences to light. 

We invite you to visit our Chapter and try us on for size. We have members of every Branch of the military. We are very involved in Lehigh Valley military affairs and in helping Veterans seek advice on VA matters, filing for disability or getting the help they or their spouse may need. You may choose to help us feed the homeless; read to grade school children at Memorial Day or Veterans Day events; stand in Flag Lines with our Patriot Guard Rider members; collect food for the needy; staff fund raisers for homeless shelters; attend chapter fund raisers; participate in parades; join us in Veterans Day programs at Graterford Prison; man Chapter tables at Steel Stacks; honor Gold Star Mothers, or attend our socials.


So, the drum beat goes on. Come join us and see how far we have come. We are true Patriots and proudly continue to serve our

country with honor.


Gary Powers

Veteran to Veteran

"Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another."