VVA 415 Committees

(Reports From February Approved Minutes)

VVA 415 Mission Statement: To aggressively advocate on issues important to our membership, facilitate or provide support to programs that improve the well-being of the local military veterans’ community, and serve our Lehigh Valley community.





Chairman:  John Shields




Chairman:  Bill Rodebaugh


VVA has 205 members. AVVA is 20 members. This brings us to a total of 225 people.


PTSD & Substance Abuse

Chairman:  Vacant


Position is currently vacant.

Government Affairs

Chairman:  Rich Hudzinski



Chairman:  Duane Cerino


Special Events

Chairman:  Chris McAtee


Public Affairs

Chairman:  Art Villafane



Chairman:  John Shields



Chairman:  Colleen Hauser


Veterans Benefits

Chairman:  Rich Sam


• In hospice there were 8 visits to patients, one certificate and one quilt. The hospice visitors were Joe Prusak and Bernie Floyd.
• Tom Richards was still in hospital.
• The Power of Connection donated pens and flashlights to the Chapter members.
• There is a website for Military funerals. A form must be filled out and a plot can be picked at a VA National Cemetery.


President: Bob Adams


• Welcome all who are interested to join AVVA. Families and friends of Veterans.
• Robert Adams continues to collect properly trimmed "Coups for Troops."
• If you are interested you can participate with the Patriot Guard Riders.
• We will be helping at the February 11th Stand Down.
• We will meet next month at 6:30pm on March 2nd before the VVA meeting.

Agent Orange

Chairman:  Mike Regrut


• Guam
• A new task investigative force will review and record reports from the community on the use of PCB, DDT and Agent Orange on the island.
• It has been reported that Agent Orange was sprayed extensively around the Anderson Air Force Base in Guam.
• Since there has been no official verification of the presence of AO on Guam, filing for benefits may still be denied.
• Washington
• US Department of Veterans Affairs VA's Rule Establishes a Presumption of Service Connection for Diseases Associated with exposure to contaminants in the water supply at Camp Lejeune. The presumption of service applies to active duty, reserve and National Guard members who served at Camp Lejeune for a minimum of 39 Days (cumulative) between 1 Aug 53 and 31 Dec 87. VA disability benefits will be provided
for several conditions which the VA accepts.

"Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another."